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Somethings about your guide

Nature, History and Photography is my passion. I have been an Environmentalist, Nature Conservationist and Photographer for many years. I am a qualified Conservationist, Field/ Cultural Guide, Photographer as well as a Trainer and Moderator.  I had done 6 photography courses to qualify as a Photographer in different fields of photography.

I had the privilege as a Nature Conservationist to work at the SAS Saldanha Nature Reserve where I had to use my camera to monitor and record different species of plants (flowers), Birds, Mammals ect . Over the years I took many photographs of the different species of plants and flowers. Going through these photos I realized that many other people who share the same passion for nature as I do can use the photos when hiking in nature to identify the different flowers during the flower season.

Different  tour options which can be used when visiting the West Coast.

If you would like to walk the routes in the military area you will need to write a letter to the Officer Commanding SAS SALDANHA to obtain authority to do so. In the letter you need to mention the following information:  Names and surnames of people taking part. Date of event. Car(s) registration(s). You must write the letter well in advance. You will also have to produce your ID on the day of the event. Letters can be fax to the following number: 022 702 3503.

We also do similar tours in other areas in the West Coast.

Historical Town Tour in Saldanha 

Historical tour overview.

Put your walking shoes on and come and enjoy this 1 to 2 hour tour in the town of Saldanha.  Our history journey on how our town was build over the years will start at the Protea Hotel in Saldanha. Many historical places in town will be visited and many stories will be told from Antonio de Saldanha who discovered Saldanha in 1503.

I will tell guests the history of the hotel and how the Silverman brothers became the owners of the hotel which was build in early 1900’s. 

We will visit the Angling church which was built in 1820, which is till today very active today. It also hosts the Seafarers save haven for sailors who visit the Saldanha port. We will then walk down the road to visit the house/businesses (old buildings), the 1st garage as well as the 1st butchery of mr Tolken a well known business man from the early years.   

We will then walk to the Silverman’s house which was also build in the early 1900’s. A unique house where the 1st telephone and flush toilet was installed in town in 1926.

From here we will walk to Hoedjies Kop. This is a short up hill walk which takes us to the old fisherman’s houses and the town’s museum.

We will walk to the top of Hoedjies Kop where we can see the town as well as the beautiful lagoon before we will walk back to our starting point.  

Flower Hiking Tours (West Coast National Park)

Three trails are in the West Coast National Park and one trail in Postberg.

Three hiking trails to choose from.

Trail 1 : This is a 9km circular tour to the dunes and back which start at Geelbek Information Centre.  Many flower species will be seen on our route.

Trail 2: This is a 7 km circular walk which also begins at the Geelbek Information Centre.

Trail 3: This trail is called the “Bakoor Trail”. This is a short walk from the Langebaan gate to the Seeberg View Point, which is 4,6km long. Along this route bat eared foxes, Ostriches, Eland and many other animals can be spotted, as well as the beautiful view of the Langebaan lagoon.

Photography Tours 

We also do the following Photography tours:

Flower photography tour.

Bird photography tour. 

Macro Photohraphy.

These tours are done in various areas on the West Coast.

You need to bring your camera and I will guide you to take a good picture. 

For more information contact Edwin Dwyer:

 Cell:           082 320 0549         




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