Tours in and around Saldanha

A few tour options can be used when visiting the West Coast area.

Tour 1.

This is a flower tour of 3 to 4 hours in the SAS SALDANHA Provincial Nature Reserve which is situated in the military area. .  On this route you will see different flower species during the flower season which is from middle July to end October each year.  Flowers like the kukumakranke, Spider liley, Saldanha pypie, Kankerbos, Kalossie, Piempiempie can be seen.

(These flower tours only takes place during the flower season, (July to Oct)  if organised well in advance and with the authority of the Officer Commanding of SAS SALDANHA).

Tour 2.

This is a historical tour of 3 to 4 hours in the SAS Saldanha Military area. There are many historical places inside this area. These includes graves from the 1800’s, the farm house which was build between 1870 and 1880 ect. The area played a huge role in World War 2.  We will visited and discuss various areas which was used during the war.  This includes the first Regimental Base, the eighth heaviest battery, the old block houses and what they were used for.  

(These tours can only take place if organised well in advance and with the authority of the Officer Commanding of SAS SALDANHA).

Tour 3.

This is a 3 to 4 hour tour in and around the town of Saldanha.  Various places will be visited and many stories will be told which dated from the 1800’s. First we will visit Parkersdorp which is one of the 5 small towns in Saldanha in the 1800’se. The story of the old whale hunter ships on the beach will be told. We will also visit various old buildings in town ie, the first garage, the first butchery, Jaffe’s jetty ect. All these places have unbelievable stories from the 1800 to the early 1900’s. In the Saldanha harbor we will visit the Doc’s cave which was used as a place to treat sick people with “pokke” in the 1800’s. We will also visit the place where a ships captain was killed by an ox when farmers wanted to slaughter it to sell as fresh meat to ships who visited the lagoon in the 1800’s. From here we will visit the grave Simeon Cummings who died in a freak accident. He was the 3rd Engineering Lieutenant on-board the ALABAMA who visit Saldanha in 1863. His remains was unearthed 131 years later to be re buried with his loved ones in America. This history is unkown to many people.  From there we will visit the cultural village in Saldanha which is situated on “Klippieskop”.  

Tour 4.

This is a one day flower tour (13.9 km) in the West Coast National Park(“Steenbok Trail”). This tour start at 09h00 and ends at 17h00 at the gate of Postberg. These tours can only be done during flower season when Postberg open their area to the public during Aug to Oct each year. These tours must be planned and organised well in advance as only 20 people are allowed to walk the trails per day.  

For more information contact Edwin Dwyer:

 Cell:           082 320 0549         


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